Our first SOLD OUT Show!

The thought of performing at the KAFM Radio Room has been on our minds for a couple of years so when we were approached for a date we were more than excited. However as a band you could feel the tension during rehearsals as the date drew closer. We never spoke much about it but we all wanted to make the most of it! We worked hard to get the sound just right and arrangements where we wanted them. We had some great and some not so great sessions. It's all part of the process and we pushed forward.

As we were preparing Wednesday for the show, people were asking about tickets, and Duane was inquiring that I put up a low ticket warning on social media. I forgot and didn't get to it until Thursday and low and behold no sooner did it go up than we learned the show was sold out! WOW. So now it was on and we needed to really pull out the stops. Our final rehearsal went really well. I remember Duane saying the previous week if we have a great rehearsal right before the show we probably  will have to work hard show night. He wasn't wrong; I had crazy nerves that night and I couldn't ditch 'em. But in Hind sight we pulled it off and were happy with the results.

As a band we have growing to do but we are committed to making Sir Kempson the best it can be. The fact that we can sell out a show at our first ticketed event is really something. We can't do it without the fans [like you!], so we appreciate all the love and support that our small but growing music community is giving us.

See y'all at the next show!